The Value of a Social Media Community

The Value of a Social Media Community

Did you know that Filipinos spend an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes each day on social media? Topping the global usage rankings for the 6th straight year. And that’s quite a lot.

Spending time on something builds us up and it can turn into our lifestyle. And we can’t deny the fact that scrolling through our news feed at Facebook has become part of our daily lives. It’s a way now to communicate at the world, see the trends and news, see how your friend is doing and a lot more of social activities that we can do.

And since Facebook is now part of our daily lives and it’s one of the convenient ways to communicate, some people made innovations and strategies on how they can use this platform to their advantages. Online businesses through Facebook emerged, digital marketing made possible through engaging in the platform, video advertisements can be posted and communities are now being used to create an organization that can also benefit you. With these, you become productive.

You see, this is an advantage for you, for your personal growth. If you are spending 4 hours and 15min a day on social media, make it valuable, make it worth your time. Join communities and surround yourself with people who can inspire you to do better in life. Or better yet, create a community wherein you can invite your potential customers to join and ask them to participate in your business.

Communities are social units that create a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common interests, goals, and attitudes. Now why is it important to build a social media community? As a business, communities help promote engagement. Every active engagement brings them closer to our brand. It can also help attract more potential customers. Communities are also incubators of inspiration because they encourage members to share their own stories, which can create connections and inspire others to action. And lastly, it helps increase brand visibility as community members will reference your brand as the entity responsible for their positive experience and growth.

If you are considering now to build your own community, consider on doing these things:

1. Invite your friends
2. Welcome your customers
3. Use social interaction CTAs
4. Use social employer pages
5. Use hashtags
6. Cross-promote
7. Use events
8. Create goodwill
9. Respond to your community
10. Use GIFS, emojis, quote image and memes
11. Invest in paid methods
12. Work with influencers
13. Link with other social media platforms

JLSMEBC values social media community because we have seen the bigger picture. Building a community where we can help each other grow and where we can help you is something that is going to be worth your time. And we guarantee you that it will.

In fact, we created a community wherein our goal is to help graduating students, young professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and also business owners fuel their passion and turn it into something beneficial. And it doesn’t stop there, we have fun activities, events and you can gain new learnings in this community. See it for yourself. Come and join us!

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