Freelancers as the Future Workforce

Freelancers as the Future Workforce

Hey! I have something to tell you.

Did you know that freelance workers are now being recognized by a lot of companies and now they’re looking forward on hiring them in the next three to five years? If not, then let me grab your attention and let’s further explore this topic.

Businesses and job employments were greatly affected when the pandemic started. Adjustments and changes were made to help us deal with what is happening, but despite all of these, we managed to cope up and new opportunities emerged.

Back when times were still the things they were before the pandemic, a lot of companies rely primarily on full-time and part-time employees. Now the tables have turned. According to the article (link down below) in the next three to five years, over half of financial institutions worldwide say they will hire more freelance workers or so called “gig employees”.

Freelance workers were making enough profit based on the work they just needed to do. Now a lot of companies are finally seeing the potentials of freelance workers. You could be wondering what is driving these companies to finally demand for free-lance workers to work for them.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Increase in outsourcing talent
2. Improve productivity

To sum it up, according to the article (link down below), valuable companies in the world share one thing in common: they have embraced the platform economy as a business model. They operate with relatively few full-time employees and an increasing percentage of gig-economy talent and skills that they can access on-demand, making the organizations far more innovative, nimble and cost-efficient. Isn't that great?!

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