Learning and Development Trends in 2021

Learning and Development Trends in 2021

Your employees are assets and should be valued as such. There’ nothing more fulfilling than preparing your employees not only for their current roles but also for the future career opportunities.

Employee development is a process where an employee, with the support of his/her employer, undergoes various training programs to enhance his/her knowledge and skills and acquire new skills s/he can use in the future.

In the Philippines’, employee development is one of the key factors that affect employee retention, especially among millennials. People are more satisfied with their work when they see that they are growing and learning new things and experiences. They not only look for work but they also look for someone who can help them grow.

Since the pandemic started, a lot of businesses emerged and required skills that can only be developed through advanced trainings. Our situation now leads us into adapting to changes and we live in a digital world where eCommerce is being maximize because of the threat of the pandemic.

Learning and Development for employees are also evolving. In light of the accelerated transformation of learning, and with the industry forever changed, what can we expect to see from L&D in 2021? Here are five trends to look out for:

1. Rapid Reskilling

The cataclysmic shift to remote work called for the immediate upskilling and reskilling of entire workforces. Agile learning methodologies that focus on speed, flexibility and collaboration are the future of L&D. This is the approach that will enable leaders to better manage the revolving door of perpetual skills gaps by ensuring people are rapidly reskilled for the benefit of work and business performance.

2. Performance Over Skills

L&D has finally taken its rightful seat at the head of the table. It's a growing trend that will see learning design become increasingly scrutinized for its ability to drive business performance.

3. Corporate Learning Will Be an Everyday Thing

More business leaders realize the significance of integrating learning into people's everyday work as a means of developing applicable skills.

4. Integrating Virtual with Digital

When the first wave of Covid hit, some L&D teams went into reactive mode as they scrambled to make the transition from classroom learning to a digital-first model. The transformation to digital has been rapid in all areas, but the progression in L&D over the past 10 months is arguably greater than that seen over the last 10 years

5. Learning Design by Data

The biggest — and most far-reaching — L&D trend for 2021 will be the mainstream adoption of data in corporate learning design. Business leaders will be empowered to ask the right questions at the right time in order to understand what matters most and design learning solutions with both learner and organizational outcomes in mind.

The Philippine recruitment scene has been continuously growing, as it becomes more competitive and adapting to today’s generation. From offering competitive salaries and benefits to developing a culture of innovation and shared rewards based on company performance, your company must always prioritize employees for they are the key players to your business’ success.

It is essential to be creative and learn what keeps your employees engaged and enthusiastic about working for you and avoid the factors that could make them hesitate that decision. Workplace culture is a primary influence that could easily be innovated, and thus, choosing a lighter, more efficient environment for your employees is one big thing that could make them stay.

JLSMEBC value the Learning and Development department of a business. With the use of modern technology now, training for employees to upskill and add more value to their experience is made easy and less time consuming through Interactive eLearning.

Learners can take courses from all over the world at their own convenience. Using Interactive eLearning in your business can reduce travel cost for your learners as well as accommodations, training materials, and trainer salary cost. The best part of this interactive eLearning is you can measure right away if the learners will be able to absorb, know, understand, experience, be aware of and be able to a degree that we want the learners can have.

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