5 Simple Strategies to Drive Your Online Business's Sales

5 Simple Strategies to Drive Your Online Business's Sales

In today’s digital climate, any company left without an ecommerce site is at a grave disadvantage when increasing its sales. A lot of people prefer to order products online and communicate online since it is more convenient now, especially in our current situation that we are facing. We are in the midst of pandemic. People find it safer to do things virtually.

An online business is a business that can reach the rest of the world by leveraging the unlimited power of the internet. It can open doors to a completely new segment of marketing and promote your product at a minimum cost. And now online business owners are seeking effective strategies to help boost their ecommerce business.

But sometimes business owners get distracted from what’s really important – increasing sales. Managing a platform and making sure you reach your target market online can sometimes be a lot to handle. So what should companies employ to ensure that they're offering an experience as user-friendly as possible to start maximizing their sales?

Here are five strategies for growing your online business.

1. Monitor the bounce rate

The base of any sale process goes beyond the product or service offered. Building meaningful relationships with customers through effective communication paves the way to greater sales.

Monitoring your site’s bounce rate will give you a clear insight into how valuable and relative your content or page is to your target audience. Keep in mind that a high bounce rate is a clear indicator that you’ve failed to persuade a customer to make a purchase, your site was not easy enough to follow or you’re marketing and your onsite messaging are not in sync. On the other hand, a low bounce rate often indicates that the user has interacted with your page or has found the information they need.

2. Reduce cart abandonment

There are many ways to combat cart abandonment and influence sales:

• Display a check-out progress indicator on the check-out page so the visitor knows the following steps, simplifying the process itself.

• Ensure that the navigation between the store and the cart is effortless. No customer would want to spend lots of time placing items in their cart and then have their hard work lost when returning to the online store or clicking the wrong button.

• Include a thumbnail product image throughout the check-out process to reassure the customer of what they’re purchasing.

• Ensure transparent pricing — clickbait is the surest way to lose a sale. In our own experience, our clients' conversion rates increased by a whopping 5% when we changed pricing structure and removed surprises during check-out.

3. Add testimonials

Building trust is essential, especially if the item is not in front of the user at the moment of purchase. This means that relying on reviews and positive experiences will give your site and business a significant push towards the right direction. Make sure they’re visible the moment the check-out process begins and help your customer ease their minds when making a purchase.

4. Simplify the check-out process

The check-out process on an ecommerce site can make or break a sale. When looking for ways to influence a sale, it is pertinent to be mindful of your customer and ensure that the messaging, payment options and overall process aligns with their lifestyle and purchasing habits. The clearer this process is, the more success will be reflected in your sales.

5. Ensure privacy and security

Businesses often handle sensitive client information when managing their ecommerce platform. Ensuring privacy and security gives the users more confidence and trust in your site and business in general, especially when they’re sharing personal details and trusting you with sensitive data such as credit cards or other payment methods.

Your online business is an extension of your brick-and-mortar store, both requiring an analytical and meticulous approach to reach higher success. The recent pandemic has opened up new opportunities for companies to have higher sales through ecommerce. By knowing these strategies on how you can increase sales can help you optimize your online business, increase sales and improved customer experience and relationship.



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