Fuel your Success through Overcoming your Fear

Fuel your Success through Overcoming your Fear

All of us face different challenges day in and out. Situations may differ from each of us, but just the same, we need to face those difficulties in order for us to improve our lives and make a difference. Entrepreneurs are not new in this kind of situations. Choosing that path is already accepting that there are going to be a lot of setback and struggles – a courageous act. But this doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs are not prone into facing fears. We all have fear something, one way or another. What sets us apart from those with entrepreneurial mindset is that even though they fear something, they are still willing to take that risk.

According to the Franchise Guru, Butz Bartolome, there are two types of entrepreneurs: One, is the person that creates various business all the same time and two, the person that creates one and focuses on it. Between the two, who do you think faces fear? If you plainly look at the sentence, you would think that the first person is fearless because he is able to create various businesses while the second person just wanted one business to handle. Despite the difference in the number of businesses that these two persons handle, both of them face a certain degree of fear. The only difference is that the first person may be more of a risk-taker than the second.

Butz Bartolome also define FEAR with two meanings. It may either be, Face Everything And Run, or Face Everything And Rise. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to realize that the struggle doesn’t stop once you have completely se-up your business. If you wanted to climb that ladder and reach your success, you must learn to overcome that fear that’s been tying you down.

Here is the JLSMEBC way to release that fear so you can start fueling your way to success:

1. Determination

Your will to succeed must be greater than your failures. This means that you are willing to do what it takes to reach your goal. Find your purpose in life and write down those that inspired you.

2. Self-Control

Once you master your emotions, you will feel more powerful. Self-discipline and self-control are one of the secrets of successful people.

3. Clear Advancement

Follow your goals with a set of plans. Make sure to prepare as many as you can so if things don’t go your way, you can easily move forward and try your next step. This will help you get up easily and be secured with your goal.

4. Acknowledgement other people’s success

The very act of acknowledgement has been defined as the “recognition of the importance or quality of something”. When you identify and recognize the importance or quality of someone’s efforts, that person subsequently feels seen, heard and understood. It gives them a greater sense of purpose and will later create a healthy environment.

5. Level up in your life

Go outside the box and try something new. Push yourself to do the things that are hard for you to do. Self-improvement will only be achieved once you level up in your life. Meaning, doing more of what you are currently doing.

6. Follow your higher self

There are many paths you can take to reach your Higher Self. As in many other spiritual practices, the act of meditation plays a key role, but it is not the only path. Strengthening your intuition, getting in touch with your heart, spending time in nature, and even understanding the power of the words you speak can bring you closer to your Higher Self.

7. Get the big picture from the above

By striving to see the big picture, you understand the connections between basic tasks and long-term targets. This will help you see a clearer picture of the result of your plans.

With that being said, the first step you really need to do is to believer in yourself. There is no better person that can believe your capabilities than yourself. To gain confidence, an entrepreneur must equip himself with the right skills and knowledge so he can fully explore new opportunities.

Remember, overcoming fears forces us to learn and embracing risk-taking and also helps you to overcome fear of failure.



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