What it Takes to be your Own Boss: 10 Key Steps to Make it Happen

What it Takes to be your Own Boss: 10 Key Steps to Make it Happen

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often stereotyped as always traveling the world, flying first class, sipping cocktails on the beach, or lounging by the poolside all day long. But that’s not the day-to-day life of your typical entrepreneur.

Most of the entrepreneurs are having sleepless nights grinding out what needs to be done. They have days when they’re overwhelmingly busy and days when they don’t know what to do. Being your own boss is thrilling because you get to call all the shots – but you also have all the responsibility. On the flip side, once the hard work is done, all of your efforts will be worth it. In your success, you will also have the boundless freedom to soar wherever you’d like.

So, what does it take to be your own boss? Here are 10 key steps to make it happen:

1. Determine Why You Want to Be Your Own Boss
2. Evaluate Your Situation and Skills
3. Plan the Transition to Being Your Own Boss
4. Choose a Business Model
5. Determine Your Target Market
6. Identify a Problem to Solve (and Choose What to Sell)
7. Clarify Your Business Plan
8. Develop Your Business Identity (Logo, Branding, Labeling, etc)
9. Get Set Up (either Physical or Digital Business Name Registration)
10. Start Marketing to Land Sales

All this is to say that being your own boss is incredible—but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Overnight success stories are few and far between—expect to invest time and money before you see the fruits of your labors.

Our community offers workshops where you can gain new knowledge and skills in being an entrepreneur and we also have some other activities like the KaENTropa Business Summit, wherein we invite real life business owners and let them share about the challenges, plans and goals in their business. With their experience, JLSMEBC aims to inspire people and help them learn new ideas on how they can also be their own boss someday.

Becoming your own boss doesn’t have to be a fairytale, and it doesn’t have to be a distant dream. You only need to get started now. Join our community and surround yourself with like-minded people



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