A small team of professional individuals providing services with a wide range skills & experience.

A small team of professional individuals providing services with a wide range skills & experience.

We love what we do and we do it with passion.

Your success is our success.

Your success is our success.

Your success is our success. So let’s work together to create a brand we can be proud of!

Our own selves.

Our own selves.

Jeremy Salomon

Founder and Chief Business Strategist

Cath Bamba

Business Marketing Alliance

Alileah Evangelista

Business Development and Content Trainor

Maileen Faith Bonayog

Human Resource Consulting, Development, & Training Head

James Cajigal

Web Designer and Content Creator


Creative Director and Content Creator


Security and Support Officer



Justin Salomon

Social Media Moderator and Content Creator

Josie Ubernia


Mayette Mateo


Rowena Basbas


In search of IKIGAI . .

“Although our IKIGAI is different from each of us but we have one thing in common, that we are all searching for meaning."
- Jeremy, Founder of JLSMEBC

Most businesses start of strong in terms of inspiration. They have these fresh ideas, a lot of plans, a set of goals. And as for the owner, all the passion, the drive and motivation are at peak when they begin a business. But as it grows, there will be a time that as owner of the company will experience a burnout. It’s not because he was not committed, but because there will be a time in their lives where they will question all of the things that they are doing.

Why? What seems to be the problem?

Creating a business with a purpose is what you need to do. If you plan on putting up a business based on what you just knew and think its the trend will only cost you a burnout at the end. So in order for you to keep your business running, your foundation should be based on your IKIGAI.

- What is your passion? The things you love to do.
- What about the things you are good at?
- What kind of profession gets you paid? And lastly,
- what can you offer to the world?

With our extensive experience in search of our own IKIGAI, we can now guide individuals and new business owners to find their own. We can help them find their foundation in putting up a business. We also created a community wherein they can fit in these two roles based on their IKIGAI – The Procreators or The Ambassadors.

We are all here to keep your business running and successful so we can walk-the-talk your IKIGAI path and make it as the foundation in your entrepreneurial leadership journey. As a team of professionals and subject matter

experts, we wanted to explore more on how we can expand our IKIGAI.

JLSMEBC was inspired to take it to another level and decided to engage internationally. With that, we are proud that we can also share what we have learned from the Business Bootcamp of The Futur and got straight cool advices from Mr. Chris Do, Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO and Chief Strategist of Blind and the founder of The Futur—an online education platform, himself. This is what makes JLSMEBC above and unlike any other consulting companies out there. We have the trainings, skillsets and the right people to help you. We’ve taken the risks and proved that the risk was worth the shot. So trust us when we say, "let’s build your own businessand borrow our experience." YOUR IKIGAI

Are you fit to be an Ambassador or a Procreator?

Rediscover yourself and earn a Badge once you join us in our community.

Each badge will be a hard earned representation on where your sets of skills is best suitable. We will conduct an IKIGAI session and from there, we can unlock your inner purpose, talents, and skills. We will use these to build your entrepreneurial journey and we can guarantee you that you will be loving what you can do.

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